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17th MYBA Superyacht Brokers’ Seminar

If you are new to the industry it’s the best investment to get the feel and the rock + roll you are getting in! Thank you

Malou Larsinou (Atalanta Golden Yachts)

I spent three great days, learning, interacting and feeding my brain. This seminar has truly fed me so much useful information that I will take back home and use on a daily basis at work. Thank you I am extremely happy I had the opportunity to join this seminar.

Leidy Rodriguez-Severino (Baroque Yachts)

What got me here won’t get me there! This seminar opens a new course to my career.
Thank you million times for organising this.

Riza Gagdas Cakir (ChannelR Yacht Sales)


Not forgetting what I do know but taking away everything I have learnt during the MYBA Superyacht Seminar, I do believe greatly that I am now equipped with the tools and resources to make me a competent and knowledgeable broker both to my clients and our colleagues in the industry.
A very well thought out, informative, educational and exceptional seminar. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us, the young minds and future of the yacht industry!

Kaidia Keddo-Reynolds (Baroque Yachts)

Broad, informative and a unique opportunity to engage with individuals from the peak of the industry – A must for any budding broker

Joe Hill (Princess Brokerage International)

I spent three great and intense days. You need to be ready . There is a lot going on, a lot of information to acknowledge, very skilled and experienced speakers to listen to.
At the end of the seminar, you leave with plenty of knowledge and new learnings. MYBA did it extremely well! “Never stop learning!” Thank you for the opportunity.

Camille Medina (Hill Robinson)

I’m very happy from the outcome of this seminar. A colleague of mine attended a couple of years ago and encouraged me to come as well, I feel like I have gained so much from this experience. I met a few interesting colleagues from around the world, established new business connections, even made some new friends. We were lucky enough to be ‘trained’ by gurus of the yachting business and managed to learn a few of their secrets. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience

Pantelis Stathis (Ekka Yachts)

Seminar was an amazing experience. Beside quality lectures and interesting subjects, I met brilliant and successful colleagues from all over the world with whom I was able to discuss challenges and share experience

Tamara Jadrić (Jadranska Jedrenja-Adriatic Sailing)


The marketing presentation was simply fantastic – and very business oriented.

Darko Šupuk (Suncana Putovanja D.O.O)

The MYBA Superyacht Brokers’ Seminar was a really good experience in terms of knowledge (we always learn something from lectures and we can clarify some doubts), and also in terms of network: team works allow us to meet people from different companies, areas, countries

Audrey Lucas (Bernard Gallay)

Very useful training with interesting topics. Also, it was nice to meet new faces who work in the industry.
The professionals who did a lecture were entertaining and passionate. They are a great source of knowledge.
Thank you!

Yasmine Naitijja (Y.CO)

18th MYBA Superyacht Brokers’ Seminar

I would certainly recommend the seminar to someone entering the yachting industry.  You get a general aspect of how sales, charter, charter management and yacht management work.  They give us real examples and solutions from their experience and the two tasks given where really educational as you work with a team of people from different positions and companies.

Victoria Marouli (Burgess)

Interesting seminar that goes deep in the details of the charter industry.

Gianluca Lauro (West Coast International Ltd)

Excellent seminar!

Even though I am new in the industry I have been to plenty of seminar and conferences over different topics.  This was the most enlightening and educational training I have ever attended.  Eye opening both professionally and personally.

Many thanks for the opportunity.

Really appreciated the expertise and the industry position of the speakers.

Theo Leontiadis (Theta Squared Yachting)

Great experience! Brilliant speakers. I would highly recommend it.

Gregory Drake (Fraser Yachts)

We have spent three great days, met a lot of new people, so we sure will leave with a lot of knowledge (however, still there is a lot of to learn 🙂
Very experienced speakers, with a lot of interesting stories. It was helpful indeed for our future career/business.
Hope to be here again!

Antonela Peričić (IYC)

Very well constructed and fun seminar which helped me learn and understand the industry more.

Sebastian Jerolimov (IYC)

Valuable updated information on many facts of the yacht industry.  Particularly valuable: VAT updates and the networking opportunities with other participants.

Loved how friendly all presenters were.

Was very glad it was more than a “tick the check box course"

Kerry Hucul (H2O Luxury Yachts)

Grateful for an introduction into the “secrets” of the superyacht industry with inspiring talks and speakers.

Anja Eckart (Flensburger Yacht-Service GmbH)

Great seminar and group of attendees. Also the facilitators. Learned a lot of insight into various subject matter. I am a seasoned jet broker for over 23 years and now into superyachts sales last 3 ½ years. This is giving more tools and knowledge to complete my toolbox.
Pleasure to meet icons in the industry that share their experiences and passion.
Look forward to attending another venue.

Rolf Smith (Northrop and Johnson)

A great seminar, not to miss for new entry to megayacht world, and also great for existing professionals that can fill in the knowledge gaps and does now areas.
Very happy and satisfied with the choice of lectures and organisation.

Zlatko Vodanovic (Adriatic Sailing Ltd)

Hands on experience
Leaders of the industry presenting
Five case studies
All spectrums covered (charter, sales, marketing, management)
Great organisation and networking
Hotel facilities and food exceeded expectations
Presenters and organisers very open on discussion and sharing their real life experiences.

Eleftheria Koudigkeli (SSH Marine)

Very good experience, amazing lectures by some of the best personalities in yachting industry.

Konstantinos Angelopoulos (Riginos Yachts)

Very intense, very informative, nice lectures, well organised.

Tina Presche (Oxyzen Yachting)

For myself the MYBA seminar was very important.  I meet a lot of very interesting persons.  This seminar is very informative, intensive, full of important facts and tips.

I am very happy to have been here!

Thank you very much for all MYBA team for so fantastically organisation.

Each of MYBA member team I wish good luck for the future!

With warm regard

Anželika Snecko (Yachting 200)

Engaging speakers, covering a broad range of services within the industry and going a bit further than just scratching the surface – which is great.

Would recommend to those new to the industry but also those who have been in it for a few years looking to focus and refine their skills.

Anastazja Kociolkowska (Burgess)

Very useful information!
The guest speakers were very knowledgeable and offered valuable tips.
Great job!

Maxence Jolivet (Burgess)

All was very organised.

Daniel Liminovic (Royal Yacht Brokers)

What a great 3 days! I have not only learnt incredible amount of valuable information but have also networked with some interesting and useful contacts in yachting. All in all a VERY worthwhile course!

Harriet Weight (Burgess)

If you are a fresh you can general know the yachting industry. If you are experienced you can learn what you don’t know yet. There is always somebody who is better than you.

Yameng Feng (Burgess)

MYBA Intermediate Sale and Purchase Seminar

My main job in the company is supervising of booking department and managing boats that are under our central management. This seminar was good way to understand aspects of job I personally do not handle at the moment, but definitely impact my field.

Tamara Jadric (ADRIATIC SAILING Ltd)

Very useful when having a real questions, an opportunity to speak to people you don’t easily have chance too. Also this knowledge can cost you quite a lot of money or save it.

Darko Supuk (Suncana Putovanja d.o.o.)

Great supplementary (or standalone) seminar to support the 3 day brokers’ course. Builds on previous experience and or/ 3 day course, helping to consolidate knowledge and encourage creative thinking to apply to potential issues that may be forced in the industry.

Anastazja Kociolkowska (Burgess)

Well executed seminar. Truly thankful for all the speakers and guests who took the time to share their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Kaidia Keddo-Reynolds (Baroque Yachts)

A great opportunity for direct interactive with very experienced sellers, great A and Q opportunity.

Zlatko Vodanovic (ADRIATIC SAILING Ltd)

MYBA Intermediate Charter Seminar

Very interesting seminar with professional personal from the industry.
Talked and discussed very interesting topics, we were given many examples from real situations that happened and how they were solved.

Tamara Jadric (ADRIATIC SAILING Ltd)

Great add-on to the 3 days seminar, helpful in consolidating the knowledge obtained/information covered, as well as adding to existing knowledge and experience.

Anastazja Kociolkowska (Burgess)

Even if you are experienced broker it’s always things to learn. It was interesting to exchange cases to know more about new regulations etc. valuable and wroth to come back next year with all my team. Thank you for bringing all of us together great socialising with brokers from different countries and different companies.

Rezida Akhmerova (Rezida Yachts)

An extremely insightful seminar – learning from people within the industry with a vast range of experiences. A great way to touch upon multiple issues/challenges we all face a day-today basis.
Fantastically organised and extremely structured.

Rosie Watson (Camper and Nicholsons)

I really enjoyed today. I am taking away lots of thoughts and ideas for the future. Talking about the problems we face and also hearing about problems already being tackled.
Thank you very much.

Elizabeth Abbiss (diYachting Ltd)

After doing the 3 days seminar a few years ago, it was great to this 1 day seminar. There exchange of knowledge and experience, it was very interesting to learn and see that some situations are similar to some of own experience.
As always, the organisation was great, straight to the point and bringing once again, great speakers allowing a very interesting exchange through the day.
Thank you again to all of your time and expertise!

Hannah Chapelier (Burgess)

Great opportunity to discuss daily challenges and issues with experienced colleagues and lectures, and listen about novelties on the market. Would defiantly recommend.

Zlatko Vodanovic (ADRIATIC SAILING Ltd)

I would highly recommend this MYBA intermediate seminar. We have been through many interesting subjects today. It was great to exchange our ideas and experiences. All the topics were well conducted. Thank you!

Adriana Pierson (Burgess)

Appreciated the clarification and reassurance from those in the industry who created the tools and instruments used by the industry worldwide.

Emma Murdoch (Big Blue Yacht Charters Worldwide)

A great session lead by Ian.
Very positive and interactive.
A lot covered in one day.
Richard’s input was valuable, not often we get legal input. It was great!

Caroline Bosisson (Burgess)

Participated in both the sales seminar and the charter seminar.
Overall very good organisation, interesting subject and exchanges about the industry. Successful time spent in the classroom.

Gabriele Niems (Moravia Yachting S.A.M)

I did the 3 days course last year whilst I was still working in the new department at Hill Robinson. I moved to charter last July and needless to say that this years course/seminar was SO relevant to me! It was very interesting, interactive, lively. I thoroughly enjoyed the “session problem and experience” since I could relate so much and it taught me a lot about future issues I might encounter (I work as charter manager). Thanks again MYBA and TTA for organising it, it was very enjoyable and informative days!  See you next year?

Camille Medina (Hill Robinson)

Thank you very much for this busy day!
It was my first time at a MYBA seminar and thoroughly enjoyed the discussions between retail brokers and the CA’s 😉 I found it very informative and I learned many useful new things.

Elina Vitola (Burgess)

Great program and seminar!
Very imfortative and beneficial to participants. Lots of resources to aid in your day to day interractions with clients and industry professionals.

Kaidia Keddo-Reynolds (Baroque Yachts)
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